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Compensation cover for domestic workers

Posted by Ian Ollis on Friday, September 30, 2011,

The Daily News
Domestic workers are among the few South Africans who cannot claim from the Compensation Fund if they are injured on duty, the DA has said.

And the party plans to do something about it. DA MP and labour spokesman Ian Ollis announced yesterday that his party had prepared a “comprehensive action plan” to allow domestic workers the same compensation benefits enjoyed by most other categories of workers.

He noted that, aside from soldiers and police officers, who have their own com...

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What happened to 'the year of the job?': DA

Posted by Ian Ollis on Thursday, September 22, 2011,


12 September, 2011 

 In February, President Jacob Zuma declared 2011 "the year of the job" but it has turned out to be the opposite, the opposition Democratic Alliance said on Monday.

This followed the release of the latest Adcorp Employment Index indicating that employment declined by 2.1% during August.

"At a time when we should be turning the jobs crisis around, we are sliding further backwards," said Ian Ollis, DA Spokesperson on labour.

Ollis said the government needed to act no...

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Let's agree on one goal: creating jobs

Posted by Ian Ollis on Thursday, September 22, 2011,
The Daily Maverick

22 September, 2011  

 If we want to end unemployment, we are going to have to focus relentlessly on job creation and all agree that that is our most important target. We cannot aim the economy at achieving all things to all men.

Making an economy grow and creating jobs will take specific changes to the economy. Wanting to create jobs will do nothing. Setting the goal of job creation will create nothing, and even developing a document with the words “New Growth” or “Jobs...

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