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Welcome. As a community minded politician, I have always welcomed debate and discussion of the issues that matter most in our lives. This website represents much of my life and work as a Democratic Alliance member of parliament in South Africa and of my constituency in Sandton. You will find here articles, press statements, speeches and other stuff to stimulate you intellectually and perhaps push one or two boundaries as you consider the issues of our time and the country that many of us live, work and play in. You will also see photos of some of the work we do in the community, some of my colleagues and perhaps some personal reflections on other issues such as spirituality, ethics and so on. Please feel free to use these resources to stimulate your thinking, to debate and to share your own thoughts. One thing I have learned about life in our age is the need to acknowledge that we are all on a journey and we all need to learn from each other and from our environment as well as looking to other ideas waiting for us just over the fence.

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Draft labour legislation for public comment.

You may post your comments on my blog here, read the DA Press Release or see a related article below... it's an interesting read, enjoy.

Trash 'n pay - new bill will put squeeze on unions 

There’s nothing the DA likes better than to find one of its own proposals being debated seriously by government and the ANC. And yes, it’s finally happened. DA MP Ian Ollis (full disclosure: Ollis is an occasional columnist for the Daily Maverick) was cock a hoop on Wednesday. He says that Nedlac (that forum where business, government and labour get together to thrash out complex issues… usually without the prying guise of the media. Probably the reason why it gets some stuff done!) is now considering a proposal that he’s submitted as a Private Members Bill. It would see unions being held legally liable for goods damaged by their members during a strike. Ollis says this submission now has the backing of the Labour department. The department refused to comment, no doubt for very sound political reasons.

This is a bill that has Cosatu apoplectic. Its argument has always been that this would be a restriction on the right of a union to strike. And the fact that it is even being considered is a massive step back for the federation.

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Labour Department ‘takes leaf out of DA book’

The Department of Labour supported a private members’ bill submitted by the DA that would make unions legally liable when their members looted and damaged property during a strike, Ian Ollis, the party’s spokesman on labour, said yesterday.

He said that during a briefing to the portfolio committee on labour about the passage of the four controversial labour amendment bills through Nedlac, the negotiating chamber for the government, labour and business, the department revealed that it had inserted similar amendments to the DA’s position on strike violence.

However, Labour Department spokesman Page Boikanyo refused to comment, saying the bills were currently before the government’s social partners at Nedlac.

Ollis said the move by the department was a de facto endorsement of a core DA labour policy proposal, and a hugely positive development

Ian with the principal of the Sandtonview underprivileged school, donating books to their library.                                                                               


Domestic Workers deserve better 

SABC 2 Morning News, 29th September 2011

 DA - Domestic Worker Rights Proposal

7th July Fine Music Radio 101.3  Radio Interview on jobs

IAN OLLIS 2007.mp3

17th August KayaFM  Radio Interview on strike violence.

KayaFM August 17th interview.mp3

Labour Department Budget Vote Speech

Parliament - 24 May 2011

A dialogue on employment equity Hosted by the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation and the Rethinking 'Race' and Affirmative Action in the United States and South Africa Project, Cape Town - 4 May 2011

Recent Yfm interview ~ the latest on the new labour laws

The real State of the Nation

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